Growth by Open Innovation

1455205498_cooperationA consulting service for businesses that want to improve their results from collaboration with partners through Open Innovation.


The Situation

Since Henry Chesbrough repackaged Open Innovation is his 2003 book of the same name, we’ve all probably heard at least something about Open Innovation.

We firmly believe that we now live in the era of collaboration where it is now a necessity to find the best ideas, markets, partners and facilities to innovate faster, cheaper at higher quality and at lower risk.

But many organizations are not built to be Open Innovation Ready and are dabbling at Open Innovation in sometimes inappropriate ways.

Being capable Open Innovators needs investment in the innovation system and staff need to know how and when to operate, Open.

The Pain Points

  • Open Innovation projects fail to live up to their promise – unclear innovation project objectives create confusion.
  • SMEs get taken to the cleaners by the 500lb Gorilla – they overestimate their contribution or may lose their founding IP.
  • Tension exists between the “old” way of closed innovation and new Open innovation – internal conflict exists.
  • The current way of organizing doesn’t seem to fit an open model using external collaborations.
  • Companies forget what they know and all the new knowledge from collaborations can’t be absorbed and used fast enough.
  • Staff trained and incentivised to working closed – they hoard information and keep it to themselves.

The Medicine

New ways of working the Open Innovation way need to be put in place – sometimes we need to throw away some of the old methods.

We start by completeing an Innovation Health Check to understand the innovation capability of the organization.

Then we look at your strategy, technologies organization and incentives and design a series of well-structured interventions to pilot, demonstrate and create cases studies for rolling across the whole business.

We do this by engaging, embedding and working with you over a prolonged period to move to a new position as a capable Open Innovator.

The Legacy

  • Open Innovators generate greater sales and profits and develop ability for radical innovation.
  • Open Innovators are more resilient to shocks in the competitive environment and able to respond with innovations.
  • The right projects are selected, set-up and managed – Open Innovation is embraced as a way of achieving business goals.
  • New management skill is created in the management of relationships.


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