Growth through Innovation

commercializeA service to commercialise innovations from funded start-ups to growth SMEs and New Corporate Business Ventures.



The Situation

Start-up businesses are vulnerable while still finding their feet and mission. It may be the business is founded on the brain-child idea of the founder and the company is in the race-to-revenue from that single product.

A clear innovation mission is essential to align and effectively deploy scarce resources and run innovation projects efficiently. If your are working with external partners you need to learn quickly how to collaborate without losing your shirt.

For existing businesses new ventures can arise when one or two insightful people spot an opportunity for new products, services or markets. New Ventures do not need the same things as the established business – resources, leadership, systems, measures must be different.

The Pain Points

  • Commercialisation can be fraught with technical and market uncertainty.
  • Start-up – in new and established businesses or – is not well served by a business-as-usual approach.
  • You may be struggling to get enough of the right type of resource, skills, funding and facilities.
  • The wider business management teams from the existing company may not understand your New Venture world.
  • Innovation Projects may not be sufficiently well defined or funded well-enough and may suffer be managed by inexperienced staff.

The Medicine

We will embed with your Start-up or New Venture team to check and establish the right conditions for growth.

We need to make sure your innovation strategy and commercialisation path is clear to make best use of your scarce resources.

We will guide you to develop the right behaviours and entrepreneurial styles in managing and leading the new venture. Using a Discovery Driven approach to idea development and evaluation we relieve the conflict with the existing operation.

And we will ensure your Open Innovation efforts are well designed and effective.

The Legacy

  • Innovation is inherently uncertain, but we maximise the chances of commercial success by using proven approaches to Start-up and New Venture management.
  • Innovation projects will be more successful – built on well-crafted project plans and approaches to innovation management.
  • Investors, both internal and external, will feel more confident on the likely outcomes.
  • New jobs, revenues and profits and status accrue to well-managed start-ups and ventures.

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