Growth Workshop

1455204851_19A facilitated workshop-centred service for businesses who want to re-look at strategic options for growth or technology and rapidly develop strong viable options.


The Situation

Organizations can get stuck. 

It could be a long-standing issue that has become a problem, or finding new growth, or individuals in key positions having conflicting strategic viewpoints.

This is natural.

You may have a pressing need – you urgently need new and actionable ideas to boost your innovation efforts or respond to a competitors move. Or, you may want to install regular innovation events to dive deep to assess an opportunity.

Either way, it can be incredibly helpful to bring your key staff together in a facilitated workshop to create new and valuable ideas.

The Pain Points

  • Your pipeline of new ideas may be drying up or the business may be feeling uneasy about the prospects of new growth.
  • A competitor has just come up with a disruptive innovation – how do you respond?
  • You have no process for creating and capturing new ideas – your return on innovation investment is lower than it should be.
  • Your people are so close to the day-to-day pressures – they need a skilled and impartial third party to deliver a facilitated event.
  • A new technology has emerged – what are the implications for your business?

The Medicine

We see the value of skilled and impartial third party facilitation – but we don’t want to lead you through a nice chat – we want you to leave the event with actionable ideas that you are going to work on.

  • We prepare the ground well and bring the key players together away from the office and as an experience.
  • We facilitate strategic conversations using creativity methodology, design thinking and visual strategy.
  • We use divergent and convergent approaches with the objective of either building understanding, shaping choices or making decisions.
  • Offered as a 1, 2 or 3 day workshop event.

The Legacy

  • This helps generate a shared understanding from which businesses can take actions.
  • You achieve greater alignment and commitment in your teams – they co-create the Why? the What? and the How?
  • You generate headline options for business growth – you focus your scarce resources and achieve greater returns in innovation investment.
  • You establish a pattern of reflective dialogue and critical review – a key differentiator for the most innovative organizations.

Please call us to book a strategic conversation workshop and help you to become unstuck.