Innovation Training

1455205669_048Innovation Training and Workshops for business and innovation leaders and project teams. Delivered through face to face workshops with offline business-focussed tasks and an online support community.

Delegate comments from “Build a Growth Engine” workshops…

“Excellent delivery and engagement.”

“Lots of unexpected content – great videos and excellent speakers.”

“Completely essential for my business.”

“A very interactive Workshop – Ambitious and lots of ground covered.”

“I now know to make Innovation part of my day job…”

The Situation

One of the core elements of high innovation performance is the level of innovation management skill from the boardroom to the innovation projects teams.

Perhaps no one has ever received in-depth training and learning on the many aspects in managing innovation effectively.

High Innovation Performance is delivered by the correct use of tools, behaviours, leadership and organization.

The path to improvement can be shortened by training and workshops in the innovation management toolkit.

The Pain Points

  • Innovation leaders “make-it-up-as-they-go” – leading to missed opportunities, inviting competitive threats to the company and denying take up of best practice.
  • Innovation projects stumble from crisis to crisis – no clear way of doing things.
  • Business leaders have no framework of managing innovation in their world demoting the importance and opportunity of innovation.

 The Medicine

  • Half day workshop for business leaders on Key Note material “Building a Growth Engine: How to drive sustainable innovation and grow.”
  • One Day open or company general innovation management workshop for business and innovation leaders.
  • Three Day open or company general innovation management training, with follow-up coaching and online communities.
  • We also bring students and graduates together through an online forum to share ideas and ask questions.

 The Legacy

  • Business leaders have a common narrative for innovation in their business.
  • Standardised ways of running core innovation tasks frees up creative energy for the most difficult tasks in business.
  • Increased success rate of innovation projects and increased opportunity for delivering more radical innovations.

Please contact us to inquire about training for you or your organization.

Innovation Management Training, 3 Day Training Synopsis

Delegates learn about the key challenges in creating a business that grows by building great habits that drives innovation again and again.

  • How to… develop breakthrough insights that your customers will love?
  • How to… develop fresh innovation strategy that aligns key people to your innovation mission?
  • How to… equip innovation project teams with innovation tools and mind-set?
  • How to… organize your business for repeatable returns on innovation investments?
  • How to… create innovation habits from the boardroom to the shop floor?

TARGET AUDIENCE: For business and innovation leaders and up and coming managers within growth businesses.


DAY 1: Pillars of Growth – develop an inventory of your personal traits and organizational position for tackling the challenges and opportunities for being innovative in your sector.

DAY 2: Ideas to Market: Strategy and Execution – Understand and use the innovation strategy toolkit to develop insights for new market opportunities and learn about ways of increasing the chances of making money.

DAY 3: Building an Innovation Engine: Organizing for sustainable innovative-led growth. Innovation is not an event – it has to happen every day. Create an organization that removes obstacles and makes it easy to do new things well.


The results of sustaining innovative growth in your business are potentially transformative,

  1. Greater sales, profits, and profitability compared to peers.
  2. Increased stakeholder satisfaction: for Board, shareholders and staff.
  3. Creating a great place to work. Boost engagement throughout the workforce.

Delegates will be able to immediately deploy tools, techniques and arguments for organizing a business for greatly improved innovation outcomes. Continue to engage with your peers on the courses through our online group and ask questions and seek further support.

To maximise investment on the course, post-training coaching is recommended (not included) to work on building and refining an Innovation Engine in the business.