Services from a global network of subject-matter experts leveraging the power of best-in-class enterprise-grade ideas management software.

The Corporate Innovation Problem

Large enterprises can struggle to translate the potential of innovation into the meaningful results expected of them.  

They also have the complexity issue to deal with. There are more data, more technologies and higher consumer demands than ever before. Organizations are also dispersed geographically and by business unit and activity.

innovationsupport logoWith the added expectation for delivering “disruption”, being digitally connected and innovation effective, how can large businesses create an innovation advantage?

We are a global innovation management consultancy providing clients with solutions to these challenges: From cutting through the noise, creating more radical innovation concepts, to increasing the flow of stronger concepts, to building internal communities of practice,

You get easy access to network innovation experts who come with deep industry expertise and deploying a menu of defined services. We’re backed up with best-in-class innovation management software as our rocket fuel.

The result of using a combination expert support services a positive change in innovation behaviour, increased innovation performance and a step-change to innovation relevance.


INSPIRE – Want to get new insights into your customers through state-of-the-art methodology put to work in an inspiring workshop? Customer insights workshops and Big Data analytics projects.

CREATE – Need new thinking? Bring together your people with our experts and state-of-the-art facilitation methodology to create strong ideas around your innovation theme. Managed Ideas Campaigns, Innovation Sprints, Innovation Jams and Innovation Contests.

CONNECT – Need to unclog your innovation funnel? Is processing of your ideas taking too long? Connect ideas with existing ideas and with relevant experts inside and outside the firm.

SOLVE – Want to find the internal expert(s) that can help solving a tough innovation challenge? Then a seeker / solver provides the answer. Using the capabilities of SAP® Innovation Management and a highly social ideation process, solutions or solution approaches are generated.

CHANGE – Want to adapt existing innovation routines so that that are responsive to your disruptive challenge? Optimize Front-End innovation systems and Build Communities of Excellence.

Rob Munro is Senior Partner for in the UK and Ireland.

“Innovation, growth and renewal are key concerns of business leaders. I’ve spent over 20 years inside leading industrial companies dedicated to transforming the innovation potential of business. I’m really excited about our total innovation solution based on SAP® Innovation Management and would be delighted to talk about how we can assist you with your investment.”

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