Growth Strategy

1455204395_Finding_SolutionsA service for businesses who want to find and realise new growth and value a structured approach.

“Growth as a Service.”


The Situation

“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” (Peter Drucker). What this means is that it is all too easy for business goals and objectives to be lost in the noise of how we do things in a company – the culture can aid, abet or kill the best laid plans.

You need a growth strategy, but where to look? By M&A, moving to adjacent markets or from innovation? What is your Equation for Growth”?

You need a growth strategy and the best approach used by many companies is to follow a structured approach from discovery of new unmet customer needs through to implementation with review points. And then adequately resource your project to deliver concepts to the market.

The Pain Points

  • Business aims are not clear and staff don’t know what to be working on next – confusion and miss-fires on innovation projects.
  • Strategy suffers from insufficient time, analysis and rigour with insufficient attention to implementation.
  • The commercial, operations and innovation/R&D functions are continually in conflict – pointing in different directions.
  • The business slips compared to peers – constantly playing catch up (or trying not to lose).
  • The company doesn’t receive the Return on Innovation Investment it deserves – resources and funds are ineffectively used.

The Medicine

We believe in following a highly structured approach to finding new innovative growth using our tested 5 stage process. 

And we start by examining the Growth Gap – the difference between where your current plans take you and your ambitions.

5 step Structured Growth

It will follow a combination of traditional strategy techniques to examine the business environment; your company’s fit to it and examine your capability to deliver ideas.

For radically new ideas we follow a discovery-driven approach to test ideas in the market before fully committing.

But a differentiator is using powerful visual strategy techniques to rapidly create a strategy that fits and is more likely to stick in the long run.

Visual strategy creates better buy-in and is simpler to understand and communicate through your business. We make sure that the combined operations, commercial and technology (R&D) perspectives are embraced to create an aligned roadmap.

And if you do have a strategy, we’ll review it with you to make sure it is fit for purpose.

The Legacy

  • Much greater financial returns than adhoc planning – top and bottom line financial results are improved.
  • Reduced risk from standing still or following random acts of innovation – and it’s habit forming.
  • New alignment between functions, staff and objectives – resources are deployed on the right projects.
  • Higher returns on Innovation Investment (ROII) are generated.
  • Staff know what they are doing when they come into work every day – increased workforce engagement, reduced staff turnover and higher levels of performance.

The Growth Equation

Growth comes from a combination of organic and aquistion over time.  We can further realize organic growth from some combination of increased market penetration and of innovation.

Growth Equation

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