Growth Health Checker+

1455204153_doctor-physicianA service for organizations who want to embark on a journey of improvement in innovation performance: A diagnostic on the direction of innovation in the company.


The Situation

Do you know what the innovation performance of your organization is? How does it compare to your peers? A better question might be, what should the innovation performance of your business be?  Or, what is your Innovation Capability Level?

Some businesses already recognise the need to invest in its innovation system – the engine by which companies identify and seize the opportunities for new products, processes, services or business models.

It’s good practice to establish the innovation health of an organization to know where to focus improvement. You may also wish to conduct annual innovation health checks throughout the journey.

  1. Do a one off Diagnostic.
  2. Identify focal areas of improvement.
  3. Undertake the improvement journey.
  4. Check progress with periodic diagnoses.
Innovation capability ladder


The Pain Points

  • The business lags compared to its peers – growth is stagnant or negative.
  • Innovation projects fail more often than succeed: even incremental projects in existing markets.
  • The organization seems to lack a coherent strategy for growth with many activities of many fronts.
  • The business operates mostly “closed” – meaning it denies itself the opportunity for the best ideas, and innovation collaborations from outside.
  • Staff fear to try anything new – the incentives to experiment with new ideas, technologies and business models are weak or toxic.

The Medicine

First, get an honest appraisal for where the organization is with respect to innovation performance. We look at key factors and look deeply into the inputs, processes and outputs of your innovation system.

We can do this in two parts: First with on-line assessment tapping into the biggest database of its kind in the world, with 1000 companies. Second, we take the results and drill down through structured interviews with staff..

We look at Strategy, Organization and Governance, the use of innovation Tool and Techniques, Culture and, in the era of collaboration innovation, your current projects.

the diagnostic report is presented to highlight hot-spots of concern and identify interventions to deal with poor performance and to plan the improvement project.

The Legacy

  • It’s pointless driving a car through the rear-view mirror – We focus on raising the quality of the innovation inputs and processes in your business – the results will follow.
  • You have a clear view of your innovation performance – helping to target scarce resources to boost the real areas of concern.
  • Knowing your target performance level makes you more profitable and makes you more resilient to surprises in the competitive environment.

Contact us at the number below to set up an innovation health check for your business – let’s get started on improvement.