IfM Education & Consulting Services

System Growth Consulting is an associate of the Institute for Manufacturing Education and Consulting Services Ltd.

As a Senior Industrial Fellow with IfM Education and Consulting services, I work with companies of all sizes to support and grow their innovation and technology capabilities. I do this by transferring knowledge developed at IfM through education and consultancy services.

I mainly develop and deliver projects for business and innovation leaders in mid-sized to large international companies within the high-value manufacturing community.

As a result, clients ave able to deliver results in the following key areas, 

►Developing business and innovation strategy using the IfM strategy toolkit.
►Identify and prioritise innovation projects with high potential to rapidly deliver new revenues.
►Facilitating Strategic Roadmaps that align the organisation in delivering the portfolio.
►Creating more effective innovation and technology systems for companies.
►Helping firms navigate new technologies (e.g. Digitalisation) and create new sources of value (e.g. Servitisation)

If you’d like to know more about the services I deliver for clients please book a strategy call with me on +44(0)7896 128 878 or email