Growth Psychometrics

1455205111_ideaPsychometric profiling service for individuals, teams and entire businesses  that assesses, reports and advises optimal team profiles for creative tasks.

Creativity is a top 3 skill for the 21st century leader (IBM 2010).


The Situation

Companies or innovation teams may find that they’re missing the creative spark which can undermine effort to launch innovative new offerings.

Creativity is rather like a muscle that can be exercised and toned. So while all individuals are to an extent creative some have learned to be more so than others.

If we want to build more creative and higher growth businesses, where is the raw material?

For innovation leaders, how can you tell what teams will work best together for a certain task?

The Pain Points

  • Individuals go through their working career believing they are not creative and so don’t develop to their full potential.
  • Teams are assembled to do difficult creative tasks in random ways which can result in Teams from Hell. The creative task will fail, with poor results all round.
  • Businesses recruit the wrong type to work in creative tasks which resulting in poor business growth.

The Medicine

Shortform me2 LogoImagine if you could get a meaningful profile of each employee, new recruit or innovation team?

We use Me2 the creative psychometric profile from e-Metrixx as our preferred psychometric profiling tool. It is a well researched tool specifically designed with creativity in mind.

Assess your employees, your team, your function or entire business and provide a standard or tailored report.

The candidate takes the test online and results are securely reported and delivered to your and their needs.

Importantly, we do not use Me2 in isolation, but link it to the overall innovation mission: team building, innovation capability building and business results.

For time critical situations we can provide workshops and coaching in how to use and interpret the results for best business and personal outcomes.

The Legacy

  • Individuals develop a deeper understanding of their creative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teams can be built for specific creative tasks and managed much more effectively.
  • Businesses improve results: financially, for customers and for its people.

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