Growth Engine Framework (TM)

1455203852_engineA service for businesses who want to build an organization with the habit of delivering new innovation-led growth.

The Situation

Growth is a top 3 concern of business leaders: whether they are new or established. The trend to become operationally excellent has unfortunately turned businesses off innovation – the process of creating and delivering new and valuable products, processes, services and ways of doing business.

Think about the innovation system of your company – while some parts and are healthy, others can hold back the whole innovation effort and bring new ventures to a halt.

Can there be a way of building and continually refining how you do this new stuff?

The Pain Points

  • Financial returns are stagnating or slipping – the return on your innovation investment is disappointing.
  • Conflicting messages exists about what new areas your business should be working on – resources are wasted on abortive projects.
  • The leadership give mixed signals about expectations – behaviours that pioneer new things are not embedded.
  • A closed innovation culture can stifle new ideas and collaboration – it becomes too painful to risk doing anything new.
  • Your ability to think and act radically is diminished – where are the really new ideas and products?
  • Innovation tools and techniques are poorly used, if at all – weakness in delivering innovation.

The Medicine

The best companies effectively organize their innovation activities. They build and continually refine their Growth Engines.

The Growth Engine FrameworkThe Growth Engine FrameworkTM is built on six cornerstones and is research backed and practically based that brings together the latest evidence on what makes for great innovation performance.

Built from Systems Thinking we look how your innovation is organized and work with you to rebuild and continually upgrade it.

We start with an audit of your innovation performance and compare that with best practice, appropriate to your industry.

We look at your innovation Strategy: how you are organized, the innovation leadership and opportunities of collaboration to accelerate performance.


The Legacy

From Building a systemic capacity to innovate and renew your business you win in 3 main ways,

  1. Win Financially – greater sales and increased profitability.
  2. Win for business stakeholders – deliver radical growth previously unattainable.
  3. Win for your People – Create a great and creative place to work.

Please call to take action to build your own Growth Engine and achieve sustainable innovation.