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1455481056_58Does your business need to develop insightful industry knowledge about sector trends?

I’m super excited about our latest business investment – a real-time information gathering service that turns the mass of industry news and trend reports in to relevant information for business and innovation leaders.

What used to take weeks or months to produce insights on trends can be done faster and more accurately and at far lower cost.

I wanted to share this with you in Blog form to get the service out there and get it working for our clients.

Innovation Results – from More and Better Ideas

I take the premise that, better insights feeds and inspires more and better ideas which in turn improves innovation concepts (or speeds then up). And the result is improved financial results – you know, The3 Wins of innovation.

In rapid prototyping style… I mocked up a screen shot of example news and summary reports.

  • Are you in Manufacturing?  Get insight about Industry 4.0, IoT or Automation…
  • In Transportation – see the trends in the Rail and Automotive sector…
  • Spin out tech company? Where’s the market going for your hand-held analyser…

Click On the image…

Future of anything







Please contact me at the number or email address shown if you are looking to,

  • Produce a tailored sector report for trends in your industry.
  • As part of our Growth-as-a-Service, to develop stimulating insights, ideas and  innovation concepts.
  • Are commercializing a technology and want to know about the opportunities.

Rob Munro

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