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Professional Speaker Association.Well, after a year of hard work to develop a speaker package (with some terrific help from Andrew Thorp at mojoyourbusiness.com), I’ve now decided to join the Professional Speaking Association.

This global association has a mission to help speakers to “Speak More… and Speak Better…”

And I’ve got something to say. Well, quite a lot actually.

Because over 25 years of seeing The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly of business and innovation at the coalface, I think (I know) it can be done better.

There’s so much confusion around the word, Innovation. It’s been co-opted by just about every angle of business and organizational life. But, let’s give it the break it deserves.

So, that’s why I talk to business schools and business groups on the necessity of innovation and how it can be done effectively.

Leaders of businesses have to know and then act to build and organize their companies for growth.

I call it, Building a Growth Engine. And that’s what I talk about.

Rob Munro

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