Growth Funding

1455205342_SavingsA service to develop an innovation funding strategy, produce project definition and navigate the application production and submission process.



The Situation

You have a great new idea and now you need funding to prove the market and scale the concept on the way to commercialization.

You might be an entrepreneur with a great idea or an innovator inside an established business.

Either way funding can be hard to come by – internal budgets may be already be assigned or you may not have the free cash – but Now is the Time!

Fortunately there are funding sources out there – the UK and EU administrations, keen to stimulate innovation and create growth, have money available for good ideas – ones that are a bit risky – like yours.

OK, so now you need to find the right fund and make an application intelligently.

The Pain Points

  • You have an idea for an innovation project – but it’s too loosely defined and, well, a bit woolly.
  • You don’t know which fund would be best for your innovation – selecting the wrong funding strategy can kill your chances of approval.
  • The process and time needed to manage the application can be significant and daunting – what are the right words to maximise your chances?
  • If you are successful in receiving seed money, you are unclear about the path to commercialization?

The Medicine

First of all we will clarify what the innovation is and see how it fits with the innovation priorities of Innovate UK and Horizon2020 – this can substantially increase the changes of acceptance.

Next, we believe you will be best served by knowing the overall commercialization strategy – what is the line of sight between your idea, today, and profits in the future?

We will define the scope of your project (you need to be clear on this to write a high-quality application) and can write, project manage the whole process and submit the application.

If you need a significant consortium we can work with our partners to help find collaborators. And when you have been successful we can do the high-level project management of your innovation project.

The Legacy

  • You have a clear strategy for funding that benefits from national innovation priorities.
  • You have established the right track for funding and apply at the right time – you don’t miss the next bus for funding.
  • You have a clearly defined innovation project that you can execute from the moment you are approved – and the ability to manage the project.
  • If you need to work with partners to commercialise your innovation, you have the right ones on board.
  • You can access a wider network of access-to-finance people when you need more significant funding.

Please contact us if you want to seek funding and turn your project into a strong application.