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System Growth Consulting are pleased to announce we have joined the MOOI – managing and organizing open innovation – forum, a new online community of OI-professionals who want to collaborate in discussing, structuring, and qualifying best practices of “Managing and Organizing Open Innovation”.  It offers a platform to bring open innovation management one level up by examining, in a structured way, a new management challenge each month during one year.

One of System Growth Consulting’s core services is to help organizations navigate the phenomenon of OI.  Our own study of OI outlined the key elements of what we have found to be successful OI design and implementation.

We are always keen to extend our knowledge so that we may better serve our clients by testing, contributing and continually improving.  The core team at MOOI is Henry Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Nadine Roijakkers and we are privileged to be collaborating with them.  We plan to be fully involved in the key thematic areas over the next 12 months and contributing our own insights to the MOOI community, in true OI style.




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