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This posting describes opposing views between Hermann Hauser and a UK parliamentary committee member. On one side a call to invest more in science research and over a longer period, and the other who disputes the link between R&D and economic growth.

An interesting insight is that increasingly, UK firms are not investing sufficiently in R&D.  By implication the basic funding level should be boosted.  One other report shows the return on this investment.

The other view is that the message of the importance of investment in innovation, has still not landed for all in parliament. It is good to have a debate, but this must be informed by the facts of the matter.

However, I’m sensing that a tipping point has been reached and that Lord Peston is in the minority… here’s a little evidence… Investment in innovation my a national economy delivers growth. And jobs.

With the current round of extra austerity, let’s hope that Vince Cable can hold out pressures to reduce spending on science and technology.

R&D Investment and GDPGrowth

R&D Investment and GDPGrowth


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