Success Stories

Funding for Innovation

Chemoxy International is one of Europe’s largest contract manufacturers based in North East England, with over 100 years of operating experience. I worked with my clients to find funding for their innovation idea and successfully applied and won funding from Innovate UK under their process industries launchpad.

Developing and Innovation Strategy

Britest is a global leader in the development of innovative process design solutions for the chemical processing sector made up of leading global businesses and academic institutions.  As part of the forward business plan, Britest asked System Growth Consulting to create a strategy for the development of new tools and methodologies that would allow members to create and improve formulated physical process technologies.

Creating a Growth Strategy

Question – How to Grow? The world’s demand for fuels for transportation is rising as the global population become richer.  Vast reserves of natural gas can now be tapped and monetized to useful fuel and refinery products by the technology for this transformation is still young and not demonstrated at scale. The assignment for a confidential client was to develop manufacturing, technical and commercial strategy to allow the client to access this growth market.

Designing an Open Innovation System

In the age of collaboration, Open Innovation is a way of choosing to run a company’s innovation activities with external parties. And it has become topic of major interest to strategic technology and business leaders.  OI offers the promise of better, faster, cheaper and lower risk product, process and service innovation.  The assignment examined the case for OI in the multinational chemical company, to design the system and develop implementation strategies focussed on good principles of change management.

Risk-Based Technology Development

In technology development, time is of the essence.  But it is time to market AND at quality and performance levels that leads to delighted customers and shareholders. It is also a reality that you can have all the time you want, but not all the time you need. With limited resources, it is essential that staff, facilities and money are deployed right, first time.  This is the essence of a risk-based approach to product and process development.

Improving Innovation Staff Performance

Product and process development is fraught with challenges.  Innovation staff are increasingly pressed to deliver more quickly sometimes with fewer resources and at the same quality. In a large organization approaches to development can vary from person to person. In complex process innovation, techniques and methodologies are increasingly being used. For innovation leaders, identifying precision interventions that dramatically boost performance is key.

Managing High-Value Complex Work Programme for Confidential Consortium. Coming soon.