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Rob Munro presents “Building a Growth Engine: How to Drive Sustainable Innovation and Grow.”

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[vimeo 146534752] There’s a problem with the state of the UK Innovation Nation. Compared to its peers, the country invests too little in bringing new products and services to market. Coupled to an innovation management skills gap from the boardroom to the shop floor we are just not translating our inventive heritage to the financial results, productivity gains and high-value wage growth that we deserve. We need to change. We need to create and continually refine our Growth Engines. I speak to groups that already know that innovation is important. They’ll appreciate that it’s about landing new products and services in the market that their customers love. Generating these results from innovation must move beyond the creative workshop. Driving sustainable growth comes from embracing a systems perspective to our innovation activities. I’ve found that innovation is not an event and that businesses who create an innovation habit get better results. You will discover that How you innovate is as important as What you innovate. Because studies show that how you organize can make the difference between average performance from stand out performance. You’ll hear about how my 6 element Growth Engine Framework helps you achieve repeated innovation success. You’ll make sure your strategy guides everyone in your business and you’ll collaborate in the right way and develop a culture of innovation leadership. As business and innovation leaders you will be able to really drive innovation repeatedly. And when you do this your business will win in 3 ways. First, you’ll win financially by creating more sales and higher levels of profitability. Second, you’ll win for your stakeholders because you’ll be able to stretch into new markets with new products and services previously unimaginable. And third you win for your people by creating a great place to work. Rob developed The Growth Engine FrameworkTM as a compass to companies in their growth journey.

About Rob

Rob Munro is founder of The Growth Engine, an innovation consultancy specializing in helping companies grow through the smart application of innovative thinking. He is an associate member of the Professional Speaking Association. He is also Senior Partner at a global innovation consultancy and official partners with SAP and is innovation ambassador at Fast Forward Growth. Rob speaks on “Building a Growth Engine” to business groups, teams and conferences and business schools. Please contact Rob through the website Contacts page.