Growth Through Technology

1455204637_AtomA service for businesses who want to explore the value that new science or high-value engineering can bring to boosting competitiveness.



The Situation

Companies can often forget that manufacturing or operations matter – it’s the heart of the business that adds the value to what is being sold. But you don’t need to come from manufacturing for the impact of new technology to be felt. Think Amazon Drones.

The explosion of new technologies like the “Internet of Things” or Manufacturing 4.0 and 3D printing provide major opportunities to boost competitiveness.

Also global megatrends of population growth, climate change and resource depletion are having a major effect on business and more demanding consumers want more for less – and be greener.

We need business to be at the top of its game, both in management and the technology used – perhaps this is an area underinvested in your business?

Innovation of products, processes, services and business models can provide a major boost to the effectiveness of manufacturing operations.

The Pain Points

  • There is no real agenda for innovation in operations – old assets, sweated and underinvested.
  • Processes are not capable of producing the products of the future – we’re stuck in the past and losing against competitors.
  • Processes are wasteful and can’t make the increased quality needs of sophisticated consumers.
  • Innovation is handled by “R&D” or Marketing  – then thrown to operations to sort out.
  • Processes are not easily scalable – they are wrong-sized and in the wrong place for the wrong time.

The Medicine

We advocate that new technology is essential for technologically based companies to thrive in the 21st Century.

But this means more that the kit – to generate strategic manufacturing advantage, you need to think concurrently of your customer, your processes and your products and then design for the needs of all.

We need to know what are the trends in modern operations  ahead of time and act to bring new technologies and ways of doing things into play – Are you ready for severe restriction in vital raw materials, or the effects of climate change on your water and energy usage or the Internet of Things?

We use a strategic approach to knowing what is important to business, what is needed and what is possible. We will develop with you a programme that brings your operations up to become a major source of competitive advantage, not a millstone.

The Legacy

  • Processes are fit for purpose in the 21st Century – new products and operations are designed to create advantage.
  • You thrive on the use of new technologies to create advantage and delight customers.
  • You are not caught out by what’s going on in the world – the business environment is something you confidently navigate and are not victims of.
  • The business impact is seen as positively by consumers, peers and investors.

Call us to help you make sense of new technology and create the opoortunities to boost your competitiveness.